Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Minister Chris Oyakhilome’s service has touched millions everywhere throughout the world with the message of the good news of Jesus Christ. He has been utilized by God as a part of numerous approaches to convey deliverance and would like to the individuals who have been living in haziness and bondage. He is the organizer of the Believers’ LoveWorld service, referred to numerous as BLW or Christ Embassy International. From a solitary grounds partnership this service has developed into a worldwide system of chapels and cooperations that is ceaselessly extending. Being the Christ Embassy pioneer makes Pastor Chris the minister of one of the biggest assemblages in Africa. He routinely holds campaigns that are gone to by enormous group. The Night of Bliss and Higher Life Conference gatherings have been known not upwards of 3 million participants.

The motivational teachings of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome are gotten routinely by viewers on three mainlands because of the satellite stations which God has empowered him to build up. LoveWorld TV in the UK, LoveWorld SAT in South Africa and LoveWorld PLUS in Nigeria are a piece of an extending media service through which individuals of all strolls get the Word of God in the solace of their homes. Since these stations were made accessible on portable stages, their effect crosswise over eras has been tremendous.

Minister Chris has the one of a kind endowment of separating the riddles of the Scriptures simply that anybody can without much of a stretch get it. This is the reason the Christ Embassy pioneer’s teachings have been so successful in changing the lives of viewers around the world. Other than these teachings, footage of the wonders of Pastor Chris is telecasted on the ‘Environment for Miracles’. This TV project is accessible on various significant TV systems on diverse landmasses. All these TV appears, including the ‘Mending of the Nations’ syndicated program and Pastor Chris Teaching are accessible online.

Another essential piece of Pastor Oyakhilome’s service is Rhapsody of Realities, an every day reverential which he creators. This intense Bible study guide has been deciphered into 642 dialects with interpretation endeavors as yet progressing. A great many adherents and non-devotees have been persuaded and mixed with reason as they read this booklet, alluded to some as an ‘envoy heavenly attendant’. On top of this, the effect of the altruistic work of the Christ Embassy pioneer through the Chris Oyakhilome Foundation and the InnerCity Missions has been felt by thousands.


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